GuardRails is looking for highly experienced full-time Backend Engineers to develop features and improvements for our backend services in a secure, well-tested and performant way. GuardRails is supporting a growing number of users from all over the world and you will play an important role in ensuring that we ship high-quality products.

About You

You are a top-notch engineer and love solving complex technical problems in a beautiful and practical way.

You will continuously contribute to our platform and ensure that our backend services and scanning infrastructure are fast, reliable and scalable. You will be developing ambitious features and functionality in line with our product roadmap. You welcome the opportunity to break up existing Node.js services into smaller, faster and well designed Golang microservices. You are opinionated about how Internet scale backends are engineered and happy to have constructive conversations with the team on how to continuously improve our platform. You will work together with product managers, designers, and frontend engineers towards aligned goals.

You are a highly motivated, experienced, and organized engineer who takes pride in the work you do. You are happy to work in a startup environment and wear all the hats that you need to in order to get things done.

Your Experience and Skills

  • You have at least 4 years of relevant and recent experience in Golang
  • You have been a high achieving software engineer for over 8 years
  • You are an expert at writing maintainable, well tested, performant and secure code.
  • You have designed countless database designs, containerization and deployment best practices.
  • You are equally excited about building consumer-facing REST APIs as internal command line tools or services.
  • You are self-motivated, organized, creative, respectful, with a high level of integrity and ethics.
  • You have worked in remote organizations.
  • You have a strong command of the English language.

    You Pretty Much Have the Job If

    • You have been a core contributor in an Internet scale startup and were a successful and sought after backend engineer.

    How You’ll Make an Impact

    Benefits of Working with Us

    • Fully Remote Organization, with flexible work hours, we are outcome-focused.
    • High impact environment, ability to make a difference. You are not just a number.
    • Employee Stock Option Program.
    • Mac laptop and external monitor.
    • Remote-friendly tool allowance.
    • Health insurance.
    • Gym allowance, Internet allowance, Educational allowance.

    More About GuardRails

    GuardRails, an end-to-end application security platform, empowers modern development teams to uncover critical vulnerabilities in their applications and rectify them before attackers abuse them.

    Software is transforming the world, and we’re ensuring that businesses can make that change securely. Join our engineering team and help us deliver security to development teams globally.

    Join a fast-growing cybersecurity company with an experienced founding team, flagship clients who love us, and technology that is quickly becoming the go-to choice for development and security teams.